10 years ago, something new came to Colorado Springs.


A few families came together, and they dared to dream about a church in Colorado Springs.
A church that broke the mold of church.
A church that traded in the stereotypical church experience.
A church that would be irresistible for families.
A church that would dare to say…”Come as you are, no matter what you believe…”


They dreamed and prayed themselves straight into reality with God’s guidance and care.
They were lead to start a church in Colorado Springs that was different than anything they had ever experienced.
Sunday mornings were for 5:00am alarm clocks, trailers, and the same slightly stale bagels with a perfectly paired cream cheese combo.
They were for greeting guests, remembering names, and getting excited when someone you had been investing in finally said “yes” to your invitation and walked through the doors.
Every step of faith included more trust than the last. A step turned into a leap, a freefall if you will, when there was the first permanent facility inside of Tiffany Square. Then there was growth, and more stories, kids dragging their parents to church, and a love that bloomed for the 83% of people in Colorado Springs who would claim that they aren’t a seasoned church goer.


10 years later, here we stand, different than we were yesterday but still remembering why we are here.
In whatever place two or more of us gather…
Children who may have never known that Jesus loves them and wants to be their constant companion are going to grow up believing and knowing that truth.
Middle schoolers in some of their roughest years and changes and confusion are going to trust in their small group leaders, confiding in them, asking them for guidance and support.
High schoolers, who are about to walk out and change the world are going to be on fire for the local church and are going to fight for their faith in college because of the investment and love that was poured into them.
College students are going to have opportunities to serve and grow and invest in a ministry they believe in.
Twenty somethings are going to come together with dreams and passions to create community and invest in the next generation.
Moms and Dads are going to entrust their babies into the hands of volunteers who want them to be able to enjoy the service knowing their child is being taken care of.
Families are going to be changed, revived, and influenced.
Parents are going to see the lives of their children being imprinted on and changed forever.


Our community is going to to move out of rows and into circles on different nights of the week to do real life together, beautiful and messy life alike.
Stories will be told and shared.
We are going to be a church that is known for loving our city radically.
God is going to continue to be faithful. He always has been and He always will be. It is His endurance and strength that has sustained and propelled and guided.


WE are going to sing and rejoice together.
WE are going to be in relationship with one another, alongside each other.
WE are going to serve alongside one another because every Sunday is SOMEONE’S first Sunday.
WE are going to generously give our hearts, our labor, our resources, and our time because we believe in the work God does in a human heart,
we believe in the power of an invitation,
and we have seen the direction of lives changed forever.


Ten amazing, hard, gritty, strenuous, humbling and joyous years is just the beginning.
The best is yet to come…


Happy 10 years, Red Rock Church!


written by: Celeste Burnham, Communication Director