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At Red Rock Church we put our focus and hard work toward investing your dollars in ways that change lives in our community. Our church exists to introduce people to Jesus Christ and help them become fearless followers of Him. We strive to leverage every dollar in the best way possible to fulfill that mission and to be fully transparent with every dollar we are entrusted with.

1. Who oversees the church’s finances?

The Stewardship Team is a group of staff and volunteers who oversee the church’s finances. The team meets once a month to develop and monitor the annual budget and to create a culture of generosity within the church.

2. Who are the members of our Stewardship Team?

  • KJ Kandell (staff lead)
  • Todd Crane (elder representative)
  • Carlos Bassatt
  • Michael Gallegos
  • Rob Redfield
  • Ryan Saxby
  • Ed Williams

3. Church financials

To view the profit and lost statement for the most recent fiscal year, click here to open the PDF file.


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