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GOAL: $220,000

We have set our largest goal to date for FUEL 2019.

With the help of some very generous donors, we already have a matching gift of $100,000. That means for every dollar that is donated between now and December 31st it will be doubled.

As we reflect on 2018 at Red Rock, we feel honored and privileged to see the ways God has worked through our efforts to reach Colorado Springs. We’re amazed at how He has provided for us and allowed us to expand both our facility and the impact in people’s lives this year. We know this wouldn’t be possible without your generosity, and for that, we want to say a huge thank you.

During this season the leadership of Red Rock discusses, prays, and determines what items we want to “fuel” in the upcoming year to further reach our city. In past years you’ve helped us fuel projects to help our church to go further, faster. This year we are sensing God’s leading towards projects that would help us both in growth and strength as a church.

We recognize this is a time when many of us plan our end-of-year giving. As you consider your giving options, would you pray about what God might have you do to be part of our 2018 initiatives?

Our goal for Fuel 2019 is our largest ever: $220,000. This is split into Strength and Growth with two specific projects in each category.


Discipleship – $100,000
Red Rock’s leadership has spent the majority of 2018 assessing the mission, vision, and strategy of our church. During this process, we identified a significant gap in the area of developing disciples—not just believers in Jesus.

With this in mind, we are planning to hire an Adult Ministries Director, who will oversee our Community Groups, establish a Leadership Development strategy and implement a robust structure for Pastoral Care within our church community. The funds raised in this category will not only help in hiring this role but will fund materials and tools to help this ministry flourish. Your generosity will allow the right leader to step into this role with all of the resources necessary to be successful.

Scholarships – $30,000
You may have heard the old adage “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” We are convinced this is especially true when it comes to growing and guiding future leaders. With that in mind, we’re raising money to develop disciple makers and leaders in our church. These funds will enable student and adult leaders in our church to attend conferences and retreats focused on disciple-making and leadership. In addition, we’ll provide materials and resources to further invest in this mission.


COSiloveyou Summer – $30,000
In 2018, COSiloveyou Summer continued to be our greatest outreach to our city. We want to increase its impact even more in 2019. COSiloveyou Summer consists of three parts

BaseCamp – students go to camp for a week in June to provide them with training and encouragement, as they prepare to lead 70-minute clubs in the front yards of homes throughout Colorado Springs.

Camp70 Clubs – student leaders spend four days in July, traveling to multiple host homes, singing songs, playing games and telling Bible stories to share the love of Jesus with elementary-age children.

FunFest – we wrap everything up with an amazing party in our parking lot with food, games, and fun.

Future Facility – $60,000
Our church leadership believes God has called us to establish a network of neighborhood churches (not one mega-church) across greater Colorado Springs, focused on reaching people far from God. As we’ve continued to grow, we’ve experienced capacity limitations in our current location. Last year the majority of the funds raised through FUEL 2018 were directed towards expansion at our current location inside Tiffany Square. We were able to renovate our current space and open a new family ministry wing. This has been a huge blessing and has allowed us to reach so many new people in our community.

In 2019 our focus will be on identifying a new location, developing a master plan, and managing the entire project of creating Red Rock’s future facility, which will become the hub for launching future neighborhood churches.

We know we’ve set some aggressive goals for FUEL 2019. However, we have an incredibly generous donor who has stepped forward to give a dollar-for-dollar match up to $100,000!

 If you would like to give to FUEL 2019 click the button below, select if you would like your gift to be one time or recurring, and make sure the fund selected is FUEL 2019.

 Thank you for your generosity!

Ways To Give

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Make your check payable to “Red Rock Church” and mail it to:
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