Red Rock is currently in Step Six of the Lead Pastor search…

Red Rock Church Lead Pastor Search FAQ’s

How do we go about finding a new Lead Pastor for Red Rock?

Our website will have a flow chart on the process and progress of hiring. It will be updated frequently so you’ll be able to follow along and pray with us during this process.

How is the search being conducted?

We have contracted Slingshot Group to help us search for our next pastor. You can find out more about them at

Why are we using a search firm?

The Slingshot Group are experts in conducting searches and have a nationwide network of candidates. They have an entire staff dedicated to locating and qualifying candidates.

Will Red Rock change?

We will continue to embrace Red Rock’s mission to be people helping people discover Jesus and to follow Him fearlessly. We’re confident that we will pursue our mission with even greater enthusiasm as we move into the future.

I know someone who would be great for the job!

We’ll be asking anyone interested to contact Slingshot Group to apply. All candidates will go through the same process.

How long will it take to find a new Lead Pastor?

We want to do everything in our power and God’s timing to ensure we find a Lead Pastor that will be an excellent fit for Red Rock. We’ll be updating our timeline regularly and often to keep you posted.

Are there any internal candidates applying for the Lead Pastor position?

No. No one currently on staff will be applying.

Who will take on the Lead Pastor’s responsibilities?

In the interim, the elder team and the leadership team will be taking on the day to day responsibilities of the lead pastor. As far as communicating from the platform, we will be leveraging our partnership with North Point for video messages.

Who is the Advisory Team?

The Advisory Team is made up of church attenders who are men and women and represent Red Rock’s congregation. They are volunteers who have influence in the process and will be assessing candidates.

Who makes the final decision on who will be hired?

The Elder team is the governing body at Red Rock who will make the hiring decision for the Lead Pastor, however, staff will also be a part of the process and have input.

What can I do to help the process?

The main thing we can do is pray. Pray for the person, and their family, that God will bring to Red Rock. Pray that we, as a church and Elder team, will clearly discern who that is.

What if I have other questions?

Our elders and staff are ready to answer your questions and receive your comments. At any time, you can email