Church family, 

The COVID case numbers in our county are surging. To hopefully reverse that trend, today our governing and local health officials in El Paso County have moved us to Safer At Home Level 2. You can find that info and the data that drove this decision on their website. The county is recommending that churches limit their in-person gatherings to no more than 50 people per service.
While we aren’t legally bound by these restrictions due to the recent federal court ruling on two cases involving church restrictions here in Colorado, as followers of Jesus we are bound by love. We are committed to making the best decision from our perspective and our convictions for the community. As a church, we don’t exist for ourselves. We exist for the world around us! And we must show selfless and sacrificial love to our community in this time of crisis.

Since we’ve re-opened, we’ve seen incredible numbers and our attendance has grown over the past few months. This past Sunday, we had one of our highest attended Sundays since the pandemic began! It was an incredible day and gets us all so excited about the future. However, we can’t act as if this pandemic isn’t real and isn’t still a problem in our community. As we look forward and consider the new guidelines from our local health officials and governing authorities for Safer At Home Level 2, we need to make some adjustments.

Here is our guiding principle: our county is currently at ‘Safer At Home: Level 2’, and until we move back to ‘Safer At Home Level 1’, we will pivot and make 2 adjustments as a church family.

Starting this Sunday, our weekend services will be ALL ONLINE.
 We are going to amplify our Church Online experience by moving to one platform ( at one time (10:30 AM) for our main adult weekend service. Instead of spreading everyone out over Facebook, Youtube, and our website, we will focus on one platform at one time. We’ll have a live video host and live chat from our staff to guide the experience toward greater engagement. This will raise the bar and opportunity for connection online. Our Student Ministry will continue meeting at 5 PM ONLINE with live student leadership through the same platform ( Student small groups will still happen afterward ONLINE. Kids Ministry content will still be available on-demand through our website for your children.

If you or your student are not currently following us on our social media platforms, we strongly encourage you to do so now. We will communicate, engage, and connect through these platforms more heavily in the coming months. Parents and students, click here to get to the Red Rock Student Instagram page!



While we can’t gather in-person for our weekend services for the next few weeks, we are still going to be gathering in-person in a new way! Starting next Wednesday night, November 11th from 6-7 PM, we are going to have weekly, in-person TEAM NIGHTS. This will be a time for you to connect with people on your serving team and grow together in groups of less than 50. If you aren’t currently on a team, no worries! You can sign up for one here. You won’t want to miss TEAM NIGHTS. Grab some dinner to-go from a local restaurant, bring it to the church, and have meaningful time with your serving team led by our staff. Each team will be in different parts of the building, going through a study to grow together and connect with one another. Team Nights will be safely within the guidelines of Safer At Home Level 2, as we will be meeting in different parts of the building in groups of less than 50 while continuing to practice social distancing. (If you need childcare, we are offering childcare reimbursement for this night to help offset the cost of a babysitter, email for more info)

I know these adjustments aren’t fun. Trust me, after the incredible services we’ve had lately, this was a hard decision. But we believe it’s the right decision. We believe this combination of CHURCH ONLINE and TEAM NIGHTS will be a great opportunity in this next season for us to both grow stronger as a church and contribute to reducing the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Everything we do is rooted in the love of Jesus. We want to love our community well during this difficult time. We are looking to get back to in-person gatherings as soon as possible, and plan on doing something very special in-person for our Christmas services this year.

If you have any questions or needs, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here for you!

Petie Kinder
Lead Pastor
Red Rock Church